Understanding the Types of Automatic Transfer Switches

Not all of us are aware of the type of automatic transfer switch that is required for a particular business.

You will be amazed to know that a lot of things need to be considered before choosing the type of automatic transfer switches. These factors include your electrical needs, the amount of power supply required and the size of your business or residential area. The type of transfer switch can vary from anything like the brand to size or the mode of operation of the switch.

Listed below are the types of transfer switches that you will come across in general:

Open-transition switches

These kinds of switches use a system of break-before-make, which means that the transfer switch will cut off contact with the previous power source and then establish a new contact. You will experience a brief loss of power after which a stable connection will be reinstated. If you run such kinds of business which will not be hampered due to a loss of power for a few seconds, then you can go with this open-transition switches.

Standard/ fast closed-transition

These run on the same principles as that of an open-transition switch, but this will stay in contact with the power sources till the time of the establishment of a stable connection. There is no interruption of power and this is why it is generally used by large-scale commercial businesses.

Delayed-transition systems

These switches offer a break-before-make connection similar to that offered by the open system, but this delay is purposefully done in the transmission of the power supply from both the ends. This is done so as to protect industrial equipment from power surges that can be dangerous for these. 

What are the benefits of an Automatic Transfer Switch for your business?

1.   When you have an ATS installed in your commercial complex then you can be assured that there will be a continuous supply of power throughout the complex.

2.   These automatic switches are very easy to handle and the employees will not have any risk from the manual generator operation procedure.

3.   The process of restoring the power becomes very simple with the installation of an automatic switch and removes all the manual hard work.

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