Here’s a Guide to Buying Automatic Transfer Switch

Finding the most appropriate Automatic Transfer Switch to integrate along with a generator to ensure smooth flow of electric supply even after the power supply goes off is highly important.

The most important thing that is required for running a standby generator is an automatic transfer switch. The manual switch generally used for the portable generator is actually not effective in this case. This is so because the automatic switch will directly command the generator to start and provide the required backup instantly.

The working mechanism behind this

The flow of electricity runs from the utility to the main electrical panel, where all the circuits are powered. The switch acts like the “brain” of the electrical system. After the installation, the electricity from the utility and generator gets automatically switched. When there is a power outage, the power supply is shifted to the power from the generator. As soon as the supply is restored the Automatic Transfer Switch transfers the power supply to the utility power.

You will get switches that range from 50 to 400 amps and you will have to select one depending on the need that you have.

If you are looking for a switch to power the appliances that you have at your home then it would be ideal to use the load center transfer switches. These can connect as many as 8-16 circuits from the main power panel of your residence. The electrician will have to wire the circuits individually which involves more labor and this is the main reason that the charges for setting up this kind of switch is higher comparatively. But if you want that the appliances in your home should not get overpowered, then this will be the ideal thing to opt for.

If you do not want to complicate things then you can opt for a service disconnect transfer switch. This particular switch will provide power backup for the entire house and has to be installed between the meter and breaker panel.

If there are a number of other questions in your mind regarding the switches then it is best that you speak with professionals in the field who will be able to solve your confusion in the best way.