STS (Static Transfer Switch)

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Static Transfer Switch (STS) of KWX series is a high-performance and cost-effective third-generation fast load switching device designed by German debos technology in combination with Europe’s A-class load requirements. The device adopts the latest DSP digital technology and the imported SCR module components, and adopts the time-delay topological connection architecture to fully realize the precision of switching time and perfect load transfer. KWX series static switch has high performance protection, which improves the security and reliability of system operation. Its harmonious LCD series interface design enables zero distance communication between man and machine, and communication between PC and RS232 port enables users to easily understand the operating conditions of STS. In line with the concept of operation safety above all else, KWX series static switch is undoubtedly the best choice for high-end customers in Europe. KWX series static switch to alternative power automatic switch device, is to achieve fast switching between two separate power supply non-contact electronic switch device for digital equipment, control equipment or other high power equipment to power supply continuity requirement to provide 100% of the power supply security of highly reliable utilization, when all the power overrun or blackout, quickly switch to another power supply, ensure the data security and equipment operation. It is a powerful tool for implementing so-called “distributed power supply” schemes, which can greatly improve the reliability of power supply systems. KWX series static switch is mainly composed of intelligent control board, high speed SCR, circuit breaker, the Break before make sense (Break before Conduct) switching mode, its standard switch time for 4 ms or less, load power, won’t cause IT to load and reliable power supply, at the same time can guarantee the security of DPS in different phase when switching to a single power supply load with double bus power supply scheme selection, such as