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KWX-MSTS6x1-H – STS 1U 16A  7Port, A-B input 230V  6 x IEC-C13 and 1 x C19 RS232 communication port


Functions: MSTS is a kind of switch of fast load transfer with 6ms transfer time. It is applicable to the real load transfer in the same phase and the different phases. It can enhance the safety of the power supply. MSTS owns the small volume and friendly human and computer interface leaves you a smart and harmonious feeling.

  • Fast load transfer: MSTS can reach the fastest load transferring time (3.2ms) in the same phase and different phase.
  • Priority of supply: MSTS can be set by users.
  • Protection function: 110% output current overrun protection. 2:1 capacity of power on current impact.
  • Friendly human and computer interface: MSTS provides the LED display of dynamic working status and LCD display of electric quantity parameters and the condition of the equipment
  • Errors alarm: When errors occur in environmental electric quantity and output electric quantity, the equipment will alarm by sound and light automatically and lasts 90 seconds.
  • Over current and lightning protection.
  • RS232 PC connecting interface and status output interface Standard IEC320 C13,C19 output port can connect PDU socket conveniently.


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