Simplifying the Understanding of Basic Power Distribution Systems

This blog will typically highlight the essential components of the electrical power system that operate the functions of basic power distribution.

For transferring Alternating Current (AC) or Direct Current (DC) to the location where it will be consumed a distribution network needs to be set up. The method of power distribution is very simple in general cases but complex distribution systems are required when the electrical power produced is transferred to residential places, commercial buildings and industrial plants.

Transformers, protective devices and circuit breakers are the common equipment that go into the distribution system. The credit for developing the underground direct current system goes to Thomas Edison. These kind of system consists of feeders and distributors. The electric powers produced in these systems are used for local area consumption. The feeder is basically a conductor that connects the power generation station to the distribution area without any tappings in between. The feeders are designed keeping the current carrying capacity in mind. The conductor from where things are done for supplying the power to consumers is known as the distributor. Due to tapping at certain number of places throughout the length of the distributor, the flow of current is not constant throughout this. The cable which connects the distributor to the terminals of the consumer is called the service main.

The classification of a basic power distribution system can be done as:

Depending upon the nature of current-

  • DC distribution system
  • AC distribution system

Depending upon the connection scheme-

  • Inter-connected system
  • Radial system
  • Ring main system

It is important that you have a good distribution system and the requirements are as mentioned below:

  • Availability of the power as per the demand
  • Reliability of the system
  • Proper voltage flow

Another thing is that the voltage variation should be the minimum at the consumers terminals. You might experience variations in the voltage and this is due to the variations in the load on the power distribution system. These fluctuations can be corrected with an efficient power distribution system so as to ensure the constant flow of electric power to households and commercial areas.

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