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PDUeX JY300-RM4U Series is a small medium capacity true double conversion, online UPS with DSP control.  It has 1/1 3/1 phase structures and 1+1 parallel redundant function. Isolated transformer and the international advanced SMD design, which has outstanding stability and high reliability. Isolated transformer effectively suppresses and isolates utility surge voltage and impacts to load devices, which greatly protects load device with good synchronisation with UPS systems.

System Features:

  • Advanced SCR Rectifier and IGBT Inverter Technology. Online Single Phase Input/Output double conversion structure to adapt 220V and 50/60 Hz Mains Grid Supply Systems.
  • Wide Input Range from 160 Vac to 300 Vac and 50/60Hz ± 5%. High Adaptive Capacity to Mains Grid Supply System and Different kind of Loads. High Overload Ability -- surge current protection technology can carry the sudden impact due to 0% to 100% load immediately without transfer to bypass.
  • Overall Efficiency 85%. 98% under ECO Mode.
  • Full-Digitized Non-master slave parallel redundancy technology. Parallel upto 8 units.
  • Friendly and Intuitive User Interface. Large Dot- matrix LCD+LED Screen with multi-functional 
  • Keyboard to check system parameters, such as fault histories, operational statuses,
  • Self-diagnosis periodically discharge settings, etc

Safe and Reliable:

  • MCU control to operate all power conversion sessions during the operations, which has higher system reliability than traditional UPS systems.
  • Output Isolated Transformer Built-in. It can reduce impacts and interferences from Load Harmonic Wave Current and N-Wire Voltage.
  • 90% of system components are from international brands. All devices has been aged and fully tested for at least 24 hours before leaving the factory.

Compatible applications / loads:

JY series is designed for small and medium important equipment systems, such as small and medium commercial network equipment, small data center, important medical equipment, manufacturing process control system and communication equipment.


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