LANmark-6 10G Snap-In Connector

LANmark-6 10G Snap-In Connector

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Nexans ref.: N420.667G   • Complies to 10GBase-T application standards • Complies with Category 6A and Class EA channel requirements • Fully screened for alien crosstalk immunity • Reduces risk of installation errors for consistent performance • Compatible with all snap-in hardware • An adapter can be added to ?t the keystone format • Supports POE Plus applications (15 Watts per pair)


LANmark-6A Evo Snap-In Connector Cat 6A Screened ECO

LANmark-6 10G consists of screened components speci?ed to frequencies up to 500MHz. They have been designed speci?cally to support the higher frequencies required for 10 Gigabit Ethernet, yet is fully backwards compatible with today's needs. The LANmark-6 10G EVO connector ?ts in all structural hardware designed for the EVO snap-in range. In addition to the requirements of the EIA/TIA 568-B.2-1 and ISO/ IEC 11801:2002 Category 6, the LANmark-6 10G products are additionally speci?ed to 500MHz and are screened to ensure immunity from Alien Crosstalk and other external interference

• 10Base-T Ethernet • 100Base-TX Fast Ethernet • 1000Base-TX Gigabit Ethernet • 10GBase-T 10 Gigabit Ethernet IEEE 802.3 • 155 Mbit ATM • 1.2 Gbit ATM • POE Plus • future class E 10G applications

Performance: The LANmark-6 10G EVO Snap-in connector has been designed to reach the highest performance in Cat 6 and Class E up to 500 MHz. It has outstanding performance for attenuation (insertion loss), NEXT/FEXT, Power Sum NEXT/FEXT and Return Loss, exceeding the Cat 6 connector specs as in IEC 60603-7-5.

When used in combination with Nexans LANmark-6 10G cables and LANmark-6 10G Ultim patch cords, and installed according to the guidelines, the system supports the 10GBase-T applications as de?ned in IEEE 802.3an, ISO/IEC TR 24750 and TIA/EIA TSB-155. Respecting the Nexans LANmark-6 10G design guidelines, the full 100m four-connector channel moreover meets Category 6A and Class EA requirements as de?ned in TIA/EIA568B.2 Addendum 10 draft 6.0 and ISO/IEC draft amendment 1.1 (as in draft 25N1324) respectively.


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