All Things That You Need To Know About an Intelligent Power Distribution Unit

An Intelligent Power Distribution Unit, commonly known as iPDU, is a networked power distribution unit which works towards increasing the efficiencies of data centers by providing monitoring for real-time remote power and environmental monitoring along with the integration of data center infrastructure.

The entire set is such designed that the IT infrastructure provided is way smarter and users encounter lesser problems than earlier. The maintenance of uptime becomes easier and users encounter a reduction in the cost, thus proving to be of great help to the data center manager.

Now let us check what the different types of Intelligent PDUs are:

  1. Metered Inlet PDUs: These meter the power at the inlet-level and show the data both in the local region as well as over a network.
  2. Metered Outlet PDUs: They have features similar to the metered inlet PDUs, with the addition of the power metering at the outlet-level as well.
  3. Switched PDUs: In addition to the features of the metered inlet PDUs, these enable users that are authorized to power-cycle the outlets remotely.
  4. Switched PDUs with Outlet metering: As the name suggests, these combine the characteristics of switched PDUs and outlet metered PDUs.

If you are looking for reducing the cost and increasing the energy efficiency while managing the existing capacity of the power, then Intelligent Power Distribution Unit devices will be the ideal choice for you.

Now let us read why Data Centers are recommended to use Intelligent PDUs-

  • These provide an increased uptime and enable critical systems to keep running even during the peak performances.
  • These help in identifying stranded capacity to aid in the accurate planning of floor expansions and negotiation of the colocation SLAs.
  • iPDUs are ideal to monitor the performance of the server and accordingly reboot any crashed systems at the earliest without having to pay for the expenditure of site visits.
  • These are the best to get reports about alerts in case of any unforeseen issues.

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