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About Us

Distributor of the most innovative Intelligent and Basic Power Distribution Units for Data Centres.

Welcome! to Datacentre365. Founded in 2009 by team of experts from within Datacenter and IT environment, on the fundamental premise of offering our customers the most innovative IP and Basic PDU and Datacenter products of unsurpassed quality for server room and Datacenter. We are one of the leading distributors for PDU eXpert that manufacture both intelligent and basic power distribution units to a high quality at affordable prices. Datacentre365.com is also a major distributor of connectivity products.

Our entire team is genuinely proud of the work they produce and our daily satisfaction is receiving feedback from you, our customers and exceeding your expectations in every way. We strive to achieve the highest standards of quality and care right from our workshops through to our customer care team. We always perform to the best of our ability and are often known to even perform miracles to deliver service to our customers. We want you to enjoy the entire shopping experience with us and appreciate our products for years to come in your IT environment. Essentially we want you to feel a friend of the Datacentre365 team.

Thank you, we look forward to welcoming you to Datacentre365 and serving you for years to come.

Our business is your enjoyment of quality.